HELLO ALL!!! Another year, another decade… Counting my blessings; and so should YOU!!!

so how did I spend my holidays?

well for starters I celebrated Dami’s birthday earlier, since she was heading to Nigeria

Since Dami was born in a volcano, her addiction to all things spicy knows no bounds. I was sure that a trip to THE Indian restaurant in New York would cure that… I guess I was wrong… the food was good though.

After that it was back to studying for her…



She also had to pack for Nigeria…


and shoes…

I guess that’s all women need.

I also had to take care of last minute stuff at work

THE ODLR CREW (sans the Big Boss)

well, it doesn’t look like we’re working, but trust me… we were.

after that it was time to part ways…

I know aht u all are thinking.. yeas she was gonna miss me…

So she was off to Nigeria, and I was off to Houston.

More to come.

– Niyi

– Toeachizown- Dam Funk