I apologize because DaNi has been pretty dry for a while. I have been busy with finals and I am glad to say that I survived my first semester in grad school.  The last 2 weeks have been pretty intense, but I give God all the glory.

Well, I am sorry to say, but I will be gone for the next couple of weeks, I hope Niyi can keep you all posted while I am in on vacation.

OK, back to the post

I consider my self a DIY bride, and  I am so excited for our close friends and family, because I am working on lots of fun projects for the big day. Don’t worry, I will be sharing  pictures here on DaNi.

I am currently working on our  Candy Buffet. Candy Buffets are a growing trend, they are chic and it adds a “sweet touch” to any event.

Here are some pics I stole online…

Love the chic white!

This is also a nice combination.

p.s. your hand has to be able to fit in the jar.

Mi like the yellow, all it needs is a touch of gray.

I am currently in the collecting phase of my project. Over thanksgiving, I bought clear containers that will hold the candy. I also found found some in the Dollar Store: I should be their official spokesperson, luv luv the dollar store.

My clear jars from Ross

Jars in the pantry

My sister "drinking" out of one of the jars

Next, I will order several gray and white candies (do you know that they sell candy in bulk by color? Google and see), buy scoops and accessorize with ribbons. My design company will provide the linen, accent flowers and candles. I will be sure to put up the pictures of the final project.

Next DIY project? INVITATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!