I am not a wedding expert, but I love weddings. If It was up to me, I would create everything needed for this wedding all by myself.  All I need is my handy dandy hot glue gun.

The first thing that we did after we got engaged was try to come up with a budget.

Allow me to digress a little…
The initial decision that is for you to decide on  the type of wedding  you and your fiance would like to have. In our case, we want an intimate “party” feel wedding, with our closest friends and family (please don’t pull the lil Mama on that day). So, Niyi and I came up with a rough draft guest list which will help us choose our location and also help us come up with a budget.

We visited a lot of places, Houston has a lot of fabulous locations that will fit every type of budget.  Our only requirement was, we want to have free reign of the whole facility. We also want to stay away from hotels.

Petroleum Club of Houston–Very nice customer Service. The pictures on the website were beautiful, but we did not like the look when we got there. Niyi especially did not like the carpet and I did not like the fact that there were multiple events taking place at one time.  The view was very very beautiful though.


I cant enlarge this graphic for some reason, don’t worry about the captions, nothing important.


Chateau Polonez

Breath taking view, beautiful landscaping, but kind of far from most places. I was turned off because when I got there, the lady had forgotten my name…which is terrible! People need to brush up on customer service 101! There are also lots of random fees associated with this venue, so you have to thoroughly go through their contract.


Tuscany Villa

This venue had the worst  customer service in the world. The poor owner is overworked and is probably loosing a lot of business because of that.  The location is nice but has very poor landscaping.  They also have really good packages that includes pretty much everything that you need for your reception all the way down to your cake.  I asked for a contract from this venue, and when I asked for clarification for some of the calculations, I never got a response back.  I guess the thought they had a sister with no edumacation!

The Parador

Nice locations, but it is not big enough to accommodate all of our guests in one room. The landscaping is nice, but the location is kind of off. They claim that it is located in the museum district, in actuality, it is just too close to the freaking highway. We did not take any pics..(these are official pics from the website)



The Corinthian

MY FIRST LOVE!!!!! I have always dreamed of having my wedding at the Corinthian…JUST BEAUTIFUL. My sisters and were awe struck when we visited. Extremely Spacious, marble finishing on everything. Nothing short of exquisite. As usual, it took them forever to get back to me with a contract, which is always a turn off. And then  I found out that the location fee was for the space only, and I would have to pay for everything including silverware, chairs and tables, and even parking spots. It would have been a dream come true to get married here, but I would rather use the 200 thousand dollars as a down payment for a high rise apartment in Manhattan or our future brown stone in Brooklyn. (Insert Wendy Willams Pause here).


Union Station

This is actually located at Minute Maid park where the  Houston Astros play, they have a very beautiful room where they host events within the park. It is very beautiful,,,it actually has almost the same feel as the Corinthian. It is made out of all marble, high ceiling, arches, etc. The down side for this location is that your date might not be available. You have to wait till the end of year to book your date because that is when the baseball schedule is released for the upcoming year. So you might not get the date you want. Which is what happened with us.

So what location did we decide on? It will be listed on your invitation.! 🙂

Remember that this is a big decision, and you are stuck with it after it is made. Please read your contract thoroughly,,, and ask lots and lots of questions.