I watch all the cake shows (cakegirls make really nice looking cakes, unfortunately, I could not cut and paste). Check out their website. Its really cool!

As far as the wedding is concerned, I have been waiting for the opportunity to go wedding cake tasting my whole life!!!!

It is an American Tradition to have a grooms cake at weddings. Most people chose to make a cake that represents the grooms Alma Mata ,  hobby or something that identifies with the groom. The cake is traditionally chocolate (I am not sure we are doing chocolate guys..so don’t be shocked if it is red velvet or something random). I guess this is the where I pause and say this: Brides and Grooms to be, please don’t be pressured to do things based on tradition. If you want a red wedding dress, then wear a red dress. Its about making sure your day is fun and speaks to your personality. If any of your guests have a problem with it…well, it AINT “they” wedding!

We know what this groom like!

We know what this groom likes!

Do you think Jay Z's cake looked like this? LOL

Do you think Jay Z's cake looked like this? LOL

Can you believe this is a cake? It looks like it tasted nasty.

Can you believe this is a cake? It looks like it tasted nasty.

This does not look like a cake for real

This does not look like a cake for real

DJ groom

DJ groom

White Wedding Cake

I have seen some wonderful cake designs that just take my breath away. When I think of our wedding cake, I think  simple, classic and tasty. White cake, butter cream icing, cream cheese and an assortment of berries filling, four tiers,square with an edible magnolia on the third tier :). This vision might change 15 times before the wedding, and that is perfectly fine!

Here are some cakes that I found on theknot.com.


Simply beautiful! Modern, nice pattern…I LOVE everything about this cake. Please make sure that you cake “fits” in with your decor and overall theme.


This is so unique! The Brides nick name is ladybug. So they have tons of edible lady bugs going up the cake. This cake is clearly very personal. Now there is something creepy about the bugs, but if they  like it,  I love it!CAKE3

I like the simplicity of this cake….tres chic!


This is the closest to my wedding cake vision. Very simple and timeless.


A lot of fun and still very clean looking…Looks very nice!

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cake

For my non naija friends, there is a traditional wedding ceremony/engagement that takes place several days before the wedding. The cakes are always so unique. I have seen several that are shaped like fruit baskets, talking drums, luggages, etc. Here are some other types of traditional cakes featuring the bride and groom. I actually like these cakes (Deola, I know you think they are razz) but I don’t like the idea of the bride and groom sitting on top of the cake, they need to find another spot somewhere else around the cake.





Niyi and I found my new cake spot in NY called Magnolia Bakery. Their cake is sooooooo good, better than any other cake place I have tried so far. Be sure to stop by when you visit NY.P9270118P9270117P9270119