We so have not forgotten about blogging, we will be back next week. Niyi is working hard with fashion week, and I am getting  adjusted to school life.

We have a lot that we have to blog about, so bear with us! and remember to keep us in your prayers and please know that we are doing the same.

I hope someone is blessed by this song by Fred Hammond.  I have been meditating on it for the last week.  It just does something to me..LOL


I hope you are encouraged this week and keep in mind that we are serving a “true” God. He is not  man that he should lie. Keep in mind that God Prunes us so  that we can Bloom. So if you happen to be in your pruning season and you feel like  everything is going wrong. Take time to exalt his name for the lessons that you are learning and thank him for  the stronger person that you will become due to your trials.

Guess what??? Blooming season is right around the corner.