If not for one of the greatest natural disasters in U.S. history, I never would have met Dami…

I probably would have retained my title as “Socially Awkward Guy Looking For His Petite Yoruba Girl”

All I will say is We thank God LOL…

anyhoo… Tomorrow will mark the 4 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Dami and I where blessed with the opportunity to visit the Blessed city before Dami made her move to New York cirry….

I got to say… If I had the option of living anwhere outside of NYC, New Orleans would be my No. 1 pick…

admist the social regression Post Katrina, there is this reserved beauty that remains. it trips me out…

plus where else will you see paintings from graffiti artist Banksy in the United States (sans NYC of course?)

I was lucky to spot one…



We got the chance to hang out with Dami’s Ace Boon Coon, Alethea at the French Market



What was on sale u ask? well….

there were:

questionable framed picture ads that could only seem nostalgic to Klan members;


kitsch jewelery that you can spot in this background

didn't stop us from looking hot

didn't stop us from looking hot

not to say that there weren’t any cool jewlery pieces… Hey Dami got this…

Cool Eh?

Cool Eh?

They also had Good straw hats…


… really strong straw hats… I had to add one to my shrinking straw hat collection (The city is not nice to straw hats 😦 )

On our way home, we stopped by some corner cafe to get a taste of the N.O.
Dami had some Atomic Wings…

Alethea chose the Roast Po Boy

I however ordered the largest muffuletta I have ever seen in my life

Anyone wanna bet on if I can finish this monster?

Anyone wanna bet on if I can finish this monster?

Still Think I can't finish it?

Still Think I can't finish it?

I don't play

I don't play

I seriously love New Orleans… it’s one of the reasons why I am so proud to be Southern…

(For all the I.T.K.s I am aware that I am Nigerian but I grew up in the South.. so there)


Bye New Orleans… until next time…


Love Song #1- Me’Shell Ndegéocello