The first thing that you  think about when you start planning your wedding is your color scheme. Your whole day is kind of surrounded by the colors you pick, flowers, decor, lighting, bridesmaids dresses, linen, even location.

I love playing with colors and it took me a while and some assistance to get to our colors…but these are some of the colors we considered.



Teal and Brown: Very earthy and calming combination. Very beautiful.


Black and Pink : Very Modern. I really like the combination.


Pink and Teal: Even though this would have been very pretty,  I lost my excitement for the combination after a short while.


Pink  and Brown…Very beautiful… we also realized that this is very common.



Black, White and Yellow: This is was my choice for a while. I really like the the role yellow plays in the mist of the black and white. Very chic and modern.

Drum Roll Please…..
And we decided on ….GRAY AND YELLOW (we kept the yellow, and mixed black and white to get gray)

Very subtle, soothing, modern and classic combination.

Gray and yellow

Gray and yellow1

Gray and yellow2

Gray and yellow3

Gray and yellow4

Gray and yellow5

Whatever you choose, make sure you will be able to live with it ten years from now, make sure the colors work well together. There are millions of colors to pick from, and you can get inspiration from everywhere.

So now you know why Niyi blogs in gray, and I in yellow!

Cheers…By the way, I am now in NY. I give God all the glory for new opportunities.