I don’t know about you, but I love watching the show Bridezilla on Sundays on We TV.  Niyi watches it too, and we cant stop laughing.
Now, there are three classic Bridezilla episodes. If you have never seen them, please Youtube them or something.

#3 pick:  Dion and Anita.
Anita is an older bride engaged to Dion and she is pretty much paying for the wedding. She has a very rude daughter that can not stand Dion. It is really funny how she talks when she is arguing with her daughter, it is almost like someone has taken the life out of her. Well, guess what, the groom did not show up on the wedding day. Her friends where saying he had stolen the rental car, blah blah blah blah. Anyway, he called her the next day and they eloped and got married anyway. A lot of people think that she should not have married him, but guess what…they are still married!

#2 pick: Marsha and Archie
LOL, Marsha is a trip. Well she has been married before, and she had the nerve to take her pictures from her previous marriage to her new photographer…talking about I like how my old pic has this, but I don’t like this. How rude of her! Well, it gets worse, she pretty much bosses him around…to the point that he actually broke down and cried when she said she would not marry him. He was crying talking about everyone always wants something from him, his uncles, his daddy, Marsha, etc. Very HILARIOUS. Unfortunately, they are now divorced because Archie cheated.


Archie Crying in the car.

Archie Crying in the car.


#1 episode is about Brandi
She is certified ghetto faboulous…When picking  her grooms cake she said she wanted it shaped like a  “fogina” and she wants the slogan “your last piece” written on it. She went wine tasting, and asked for the wine that goes with chicken. Her man brought her some chicken to the nail shop..She asked for a fake nail to pick her teeth, when she was done, she returned the nail and the piece of chicken that she took out of her mouth back to attendant. She came up with this raunchy first dance that you have to see to believe. All in all, I actually like Brandi, she was really fun, but not much of a bridezilla.



I actually think that these  people are not really Bridezillas, they just try to hard. However, the latest show that I saw was CRAZY….

This bride is like 20 years old and she is the rudest person I have ever seen in my life. She talks to the her mother in law Heidi like crap. Her name is Karee and there is nothing that I can say to do that episode justice, so I went on the Wetv blog and this is what others have to say…



You should probably put Karee on some type of gag order because she is on other websites saying that you paid her to act like the a** that she did. She claims that the entire family was acting because she was paid to do so. In essence, she is stating that this show is phony and you are trying to raise viewership by asking the brides to create drama. If this is true, your show needs to be boycotted because she was one of the worst displays of a so-called woman that I have seen!!! You owe the viewers an apology and you need to get your money back because she has exposed how the show pimps the participants for ratings purposes. And yes, we are talking about that episode, but not in a positive way. SAD! Also she has a record of abusing her husband to be. FYI:
HAHAHAHAH…Look what I found
Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA)
State of Wisconsin vs. Karee L Gibson
Dane County Case Number 2005CF002836
Substantial Battery-Intend Bodily Harm Felony I 12-14-2005
Use Dangerous Weapon (Misdemeanor)
2nd-Degree Recklessly Endangering
Guilty Due to No Contest Plea Nicks, Diane
Probation, Sent Withheld 5 Years
Condition Time Notes
have no contact with Damon H., except
by phone or in writing to arrange visitation with their minor child, unless this condition is modified by the court.
1-17-08: Ct modifies no contact condition (to allow contact) and provides that if there is reason in the future that contact between defn and Mr. Hart leads to criminal conduct, the agent may reinstate the no-contact provision.
Other Completion of aggression/anger management treatment at agent’s discretion.Participate in
cognitive intervention classes. Write letter of apology

Karee was nasty to EVERYONE. I had to call my friends just because I could not believe my eyes when I saw her BRA STRAP peeking out of her STRAPLESS dress!! OMG. I wanted to punch her husband in the face for letting Karee abuse his mother. She had a tacky ghetto wedding I have no idea how she could feel proud of that mess.


I cannot believe how this chick was acting. The whole wedding was a mess (dress,cupcakes, everybody’s hair, the candy, etc……..). Damon need to get some balls and stand up for himself. How can you marry someone who talks to your mother that way!!!??? Karee you need to get a reality check! You are a FAT ghetto mess!!!!!!!

Nasty Ugly Karee

I can’t believe how this piece of trash acted towards everyone. I think it was funny as can be when she couldn’t last the 3 minutes boxing match with her mother-in-law…and if I was her mother-in-law I would have beat the crap out of her fat ass. I give them 6 months and they’ll be divorced. Talk about a low budget trailer park trash wedding! Nasty candy buffet, limiting the size of the servings…and telling the lady that fat people only get a 1/2 spoonful…guess the witch didn’t eat much at her wedding reception since she was the fattest thing in the room! and talk about not wanting ugly people at her wedding..when was the last time she looked in the mirror…because she is ULGY!! Physically and emotionally….I pray they do not breed!

“I don’t want no ugly people at my wedding”

Lets go over the fine points of this ghetto-trash’s mess of a wedding, shall we?
1. The hairy/dirty candy display that people were “not supposed to eat” until they left.
2. Making the Judge and guests wait an hour and half so you could beautify yourself (I use that term loosely)
2. Your bra staps showing (yet you had a strapless gown)
3. Those cupcakes that look like they were donated by a preschool (and did I see you frosting a wal-mart cheescake and trying to pass it off as edible?)
4. Limiting your buffet to a micro-speck of a spoonful per person.
5. Complaining, after this atrocious display of a wedding, that people “probably did not get you lots of presents”.

This is truly the most disgusting human being I have ever seen on TV. What a shame.


OMG, this chick is a joke. First of all, who in the hell would marry this ghetto heifer? She is so homemade and she actually thought that she was having an over the top elegant wedding, LOL. Did you see that castle on top of those cupcakes? It had a serious gangsta’ lean going on and was just damned ugly. And you put that on television. You should be the laughing stock of your city. To your husband…. you are pathetic. How in the hell could you sit back and let someone treat and talk to your mom like that? Oh, I’m sorry, maybe its because you let her talk to you like that too. How do you show your face with your boys after that? Your wife has whipped you into shape and you have seriously lost your manhood to a she beast! Ashley… find another friend boo. She made you look like a spineless idiot on that show. You didn’t even get to do your own hair before you walked down the aisle at that empty wedding! She’s not a real friend and you know it. Karee, your day is coming! Your husband is going to find some pretty young thing to sweep him off his feet and give him back his manhood. Soon you will be lonely, and after your manly appearance on the show, you will never find another man!

you have got to watch it to believe it! LOL..Karee even beaded her own dress and then got mad afterward talking  about ” I mean it aint no vera wang or nothing.”
Well DUHHH….you are clearly beading your own dress.