I must say, it was pretty interesting reading Niyi’s version of the proposal.

I want to give a big shout out to my dearest friend…MOBOLAJI “famili” FALOMO a.k.a omo pastor.
She created this video for me and played  tirelessly to make it perfect.

I tell you true friends are hard to find, I have been blessed to have experienced some fantastic people.
Bolaji is so selfless…she is one of the only people that I know will give me the shirt on her back. Omo, I thank you so much for this..Love ya pricky!

Ok, so clearly as soon as I walked in the room, I knew what was going on…Please enjoy the video and share your comments…

My beautiful cousin Janet and her friend Mofe met us in New York from London, My siblings and Damola (an unofficial Folorunsho) came in from New Orleans and Bolaji from Wisconsin. I was planning this big birthday/graduation weekend…I guess they had other plans…

Instead of going into details about how the proposal went, check out the video…Its about ten minutes, make sure you check the slide show towards the end of the movie. The songs are also very nice 🙂