Contrary to what a lot of people think, I am not big on shopping. However, wedding dress shopping is kind of exciting and tiresome. I knew exactly what I wanted going in, but its amazing how things changed when I got bombarded with all those dresses. I visited 6 bridal stores and I got my dress at the last store that I went to. 🙂
So here are some tips:
1. Make an appointment….don’t just walk in, make sure that they are expecting you and you get all of the attention
2. Wear cute underwear lol…When I tell you those attendants where all up in my grill. In my case I wore shorts or a bodysuit.
3. Wear comfortable clothes..You change a lot, so make sure you have something that is easy to take off and put back on.
5. Bring your camera…you want to take pics to make sure that when you get home, you can really study all the different dresses. We actually forgot to bring the camera the day I bought my dress.
6. Bring True Friends or SISTERS…In my case I brought my sisters becuase I know they will offer their true opinion. But be careful, you dont want thier opinion to cloud your true judgement.
7. When you find your dress,,,TRUST ME!!!!! YOU WILL KNOW!!!!

Here are some of the dresses I tried on,,,ofcourse it is nothing close to THE dress. lol

By the way, Do you watch Bridezillas? I am in love with that show. A special post on my favorite episodes coming soon!