My sisters and I have a habit of giving people nicknames, so Niyi’s case was not an exception. I had been at UH for about a week in the fall of 05 before I started spotting Niyi. Since I did not know him, we called him Omo Britiko, which means “british boy.” This name was derived from one razz Yoruba movie that my sisters watched.

I actually thought Niyi looked funny the first time I met him because of the way he was dressed for “ordinary” school. Unlike the New Orleans fellas I was used to seeing, this Omo Britiko had on a bow tie, his pants were bonfo (high waters), and he even wore office shoes to school. I was not even into Niyi at all, the actual truth is that one of my sisters was digging his “style”. So we got Oye (one of our friends) to invite him to Mayowa’s (another friend) Birthday party in the spring of 2006. I noticed that he was checking me out a little, and showing his Michael Jackson signature moves. Personally, I think he was trying to impress me, but dancing like MJ was definitely not doing it. Then he decided to talk smack about New Orleans Folks. So we started a conversation…… and that’s how I became his friend on facebook. Small by small sha, I started to check Niyi out. I knew he used to always hang at UH library, so I went out of my way to pass the Library.

So we became school friends, we would see each other and say whats up, nothing serious. We invited him to Bukola’s birthday party and he came with Demola. (his brother) During the party I was talking about working out, so Niyi volunteered to be my working out partner. I even give him some points that day for trying to “toast” me, but he did not seal the deal by asking for my number. So I went home to Nigeria that summer and when I returned I ran into him again. He finally asked for my number and said he would be at my house the next day to start working out.

Come to find out, we live about 2mins apart in Richmond TX, which is like 45 minutes away from UH where we met. Can you believe Niyi showed up at my house at about 6:30am. I personally thought he was on some other ish. So we would run for about 45 minutes around our neighborhood. This is how we started learning about each other.

Through learning about each other, we learned a lot about ourselves and became good friends; we had many misunderstandings because we have very different personalities, and family backgrounds. There was a point that we actually stopped talking to each other, and Jumoke (my eldest sister) in her own random way helped us work through our differences.

All in all, what is meant to be will be. To the glory of God, we are together today, and will be married in a year!

A word that explains Niyi is “Simple.” He is very easy to love and be around. He is selfless, dependable and very caring. He is very considerate of others, and absolutely adores his mother. (You want to know how your bf or hubby will treat you, then check his relationship with his mother) Niyi is always “trying” to surprise me even though I am yet to be surprised. He is my BIGGEST AND LOUDEST cheerleader. Just by being around him, I became a better person. Most Importantly, Niyi is a Man of God! One of the things I found out about Niyi before we started dating was that he was a teacher in the children’s department at church. Sooo Cool!

I am certainly looking forward to what the future holds.

Boston 08

Boston 08