And that my friends, is the statement that become the first of many embarrassing moments I had to endure in order to get this woman.

May 26th, 2006, I did something very unusual… I asked my brother Demola if he wanted to head to the “hottest” club in Houston at the time; Mbar. The only thing that made sense at that moment was the confused look that beset his face; afterall when it came to Houston Nightlife, Demola was Batman (In every corner), I was Robin (The clueless sidekick) and Yemi… well Yemi was Alfred (Nowhere to be seen except in the mansion). He didn’t ask too many questions after finding out that I could get him into the VIP section… for FREE. His confusion had turned into curiosity…
… He knew I was up to something…

… He was right.

I remember the first time I met Dami. My reaction: “This is the darkest AKA I have ever seen.” We first crossed paths when I was on my way to the University Center at my college from my second home: the MD Anderson Library. I knew she wasn’t from around here. She looked foreign- In a New Orleans sort of way.
Even though she stood out, I didn’t pay her any mind. I was too busy trying to solve global conundrums like editing my list of 500 greatest albums of time and figuring out why the Rockets had not made past the first round since Mcgrady showed his face. But as I began to see her around more often, I grew interested. Maybe it’s because she paid me no mind either (no wait, that was every girl in college) or that her foreign look began to morph into something that was exotic (that was the liberal culturally sensitive side at play). Whatever it was, I was hoping that I would get the opportunity to talk to her someday. That someday became a month after at a house party of a mutual friend.

We became acquaintances shortly, and would regularly have brief conversations when we saw each other in school. During one of those brief conversations, we found out that we live 2 minutes away from each other, and were both looking for exercise partners. She also invites me to a birthday party she was throwing for her sister Bukola at the M Bar. I said I would come, and quickly scurried along without taking her number. No surprise here… I was never smooth with the ladies.

Well, Judgment Day arrives, and I am trying to formulate a plan in how I was going to get her number that night.

Demola and I arrive at Mbar and Dami’s sister Jumoke, for some reason is outside waiting for people. We recognize each other and she brings me into the VIP section where everyone else was at. As soon as we get there I realize that she has a boyfriend. I immediately drop my plan and try to remain smooth. Apparently that didn’t pan out well

So I am standing next to Dami and her man. All three of us are about to take pictures… Bukola in all her drunken glory approaches us and states the eleven words that had me leaving the club in a hurry.

… That was my L for the night… the first of many to come…

I guess drunk people possess third eye vision.

2 Months later, at another event (I cannot believe I used to go out this much) Demola and I bumped into all 3 sisters. I find out Dami is now single and succeed in getting her phone number (Finally) by duping her into running with me every morning.
Ahh… my first victory in this Game of Love.
Now we are jogging partners. We all know what happens next…
Or do we? 🙂

“Biter Orca”- Dirty Projectors